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How It Works - Currently

Sinoda is an abstract strategy game in which players attempt to win by taking each other’s pieces. However, it’s not the number of pieces that matters, but the point value of those pieces.


On your turn, you only have 2 choices.


Change The Value:

Choose one of your pieces and turn it so that the top face is either 1 value higher or lower.

The value of a piece indicates its movement and points value.



If a player chooses to move a piece, they choose one of their pieces and move it the number of spaces shown on the top point of that piece. They must move exactly the number of spaces indicated by the number on the piece, no fewer. For example, a “3” may not move only one or two spaces, but must move three. They may move to any adjacent space connected to the side of the triangle they are on, but the path the piece moves must be clear. That is, they may not move over other pieces, friend or enemy.

How It Works - Currently


Get your incanquation value to equal the casting value of the spell you’ve chosen.
Then cast it on your opponent.


Reduce your opponent’s Magical Strength to zero to win!

The Twist:

Players can put cards into their opponent’s incanquation to mess them up!

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