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How It Works - Currently

Sinoda is an abstract strategy game in which players attempt to win by taking each other’s pieces. However, it’s not the number of pieces that matters, but the point value of those pieces.

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Sinoda 1

On Your Turn

You only have two choices: change the value of a piece or move a piece.

Change The Value

Choose one of your pieces and turn it so that the top is either 1 number higher or lower. The number of a piece indicates its movement, and points value if it is captured by your opponent.

Example: Change the 2 piece to a 3


Choose one of your pieces and move the number of spaces shown on the top of that piece. Pieces must move the amount of spaces indicated by it’s number, and may not move over pieces, friend or enemy.

Example: Moves 2 spaces
Sinoda 2

Capturing Opponent's Pieces

If you end a move on an opponent’s piece, remove the opponent’s piece and place it on your scoring disk.  Keep the number on top represented. This number is the points you just scored. 

Sinoda 3


The game ends immediately when one player has had all of their pieces captured, or when both players have only one piece on the board each. Add up the points value of the captured pieces, and whoever has captured the most points wins. 

You can also win by Sinoda: If the total point value of your pieces on the board are low enough that your opponent can’t win even if they captured them all, you instantly win by Sinoda.

Strategy Tip:

Remember, the winner is the player that gets the most points, not the most pieces. Strategically sacrifice lower-point pieces to capture higher-point targets from your opponent. Positioning pieces carefully to guard each other can help set traps to achieve this.

Learn By Video

Watch a YouTube video of how to play the game. You will build your understanding of how simple the game is to learn and the depth that it has.