• Event reminders

    This is a reminder that we’ll be at Dicey Business on Friday from 5:30 until they close playing games, so come by and join us! Also, Next week is ProtoTO, […]

  • Taking Care of Business

    It has been a busy couple of weeks! While Bill’s been finishing artwork to get printed before ProtoTO, I’ve been doing workshops to increase our business savvy as we get […]

  • Games for Education

    If you do a search, you’ll find a lot of articles and blogs and research on the internet suggesting that board games could and should be used in the classroom […]

  • A Website!

    Hello all, and welcome to the BSGames website. Our first bit of news is that we have a website! The Games page is our home page and lists our games, […]

  • Trading Screen Time for Social Time

    Okay, let’s start with full disclosure. I am already both an educator and a big fan of board games, so there may be some bias here. This isn’t going to […]