From The Mist

From the Mist is a battle game that pits your strategy skills against an opponent’s as you manoeuvre your troops to complete an objective while attacking or defending against your enemy



Take command of one culture from Between and fight for land and mysterious crystals. Try each scenario as Goobers, Mole-mo, or the sinister Nnod, using an innovative token system rather than dice to randomize results. This open table battle system allows for conflicts large and small as you try your strategies to achieve victory.

Delve into the rich background of this strange land that is surrounded and permeated by mist, and discover each culture’s place in this world and how their lore and beliefs determine their reactions to the ever-present mist.

Goobers Milits

The Milits are the basic foot troop of the Goober armed forces. Usually armed with sturdy spears, they make up the backbone of the fighting force. Milits are drawn from the basic citizenry of the Goobers, and have no general special quality about them. Many of them are brave and ready to fight for their culture; some of them are good with combat prowess; a few of them may have even survived a battle. However, almost all of them are often found wishing that they could soar through the air like the Nhosselar, or ride tall and proud like the Lollop riders. But they feel lucky, at least, that they aren’t called upon to operate the Flingers. Those guys are just weird.

Mole-mo Fwak

The Mole-mo live primarily underground, but in their quest to capture the land above, they often encounter others. When this happens, most Mole-mo will take up arms in the form of clubs or sharp sticks. They are not swift, nor do they attack ferociously. But the spirit inside them keeps them pushing on, standing up to the toughest of foes, absorbing enemy attacks with their solid interiors. They can get to locations further away by using their skills digging and tunneling, but they are generally in no hurry. They are part of the land, and the land is timeless. It has always been, and always will, until reclaimed by the Mist.

Nnod Shahfs

Shahfs don’t know fear, they don’t know pain, they don’t know the feel of soft grass, they don’t know sunshine. They only know the Mist. They want to become one with the mist and the land in Between. They want to overcome the land so Between is full of Nnod and their culture will never have dwindling numbers. Now Shahfs are not good company. They convey a sinister feeling when present that is their desire to convert every living thing to Nnod and conquer the land preserving their culture. They don’t have or understand feelings and this is why they have no regard for the feelings in others. They are presented as uncaring pure dark concentrated evil. To be converted to a Nnod Reborn is the purest fear of any that meet the Shahfs.


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