Universal Turf War

In this game, you will try to take territories by having members of your gang engage in different types of fights with members of a rival gang. You earn Victory Points (VP) by controlling territories and capturing members of the other gang. The first player to accumulate 25 VP wins.



Gather your forces and fight for territory! Each card deck of warriors and special items or tricks follows a different theme, so you can have wars for territory between such diverse forces as magical elves and pirates, 1920’s gangsters and cowboys, or post-apocalyptic wasteland warriors and ghoulish denizens of the realm of the dead.

Each round, you choose which territory to fight for, whether you want to engage your opponent in a fight, a battle of wits, or a shootout, then choose your forces for combat. Choose wisely, because the forces you choose this round won’t be available again until later, and if you lose this fight, one of your warriors will be captured by the enemy!


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