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From The Mist

​From the Mist is a battle game that pits your strategy skills against an opponent’s as you manoeuvre your troops to complete an objective while attacking or defending against your enemy.

Universal Turf War

​In this game, you will try to take territories by having members of your gang engage in different types of fights with members of a rival gang. You earn Victory Points (VP) by controlling territories and capturing members of the other gang. The first player to accumulate 25 VP wins.

Mathemagician’s Duel

Math is the language that the universe is written in! Now your mathemagician can take command of the magic of numbers to cast spells to defeat an opposing magician.

Subtract’n Adder

​Help your young math learner’s skills with a better understanding of what is happening when numbers are added and subtracted.

Don’t get Glued

​A “mix ‘n’ mingler” party game, Don’t Get Glued is played throughout your party or event to get people frenetically interacting.

Don’t get Cthulhu’d

Bring some gothic horror to your party with the Cthulhu version of Don’t Get Glued, based on H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”.