About BSGames

BSGames is a collaboration of 2 longtime friends who share a similar passion for gaming but different outlets for their creativity. Scott asked Bill for his graphics expertise to make an educational tool look better, and they realized together that they had the potential to make some really cool stuff. Thus was born the idea of BSGames. 

All good games have a learning element to them, but BSGames is adding to their inventory some games specifically designed to help people learn concepts and skills in a fun way. These games would make a great addition to a classroom or to help young people practice what they’ve learned at school while at home. This doesn’t mean that all of our games are only for learning, of course. We are also producing games that anyone would want to invite their friends over for an evening to play.

About Bill

Bill’s love of art and design drew him to the Humber College Advertising and Graphic Design program. After graduating, he mostly did art projects for his own interest, while working at Games Workshop. There he used his skills for some graphic and art projects, including a satirical magazine with Scott. This began a long-standing relationship of mutual benefit, as Bill could create Scott’s ideas graphically, and Scott could help Bill with developing his ideas grammatically.

Bill eventually left for a full-time graphics career at Explorer Headgear. There, he worked with many brands, including Tommy Hilfiger, XBox, Molson, Sears, and Mike Weir Golf.

Soon after, he landed a position in newspapers redesigning movie ads for all across Canada. This moved him to The Mississauga News where he developed his graphic design skills even more. Bill never lost his love of games and personal creativity, and has re-teamed up with Scott to bring their game ideas to the public.

Throughout this time, Bill maintained his own creative business, PurpleAlien.net. This is where he uses his graphic design and illustration skills to solve creative problems.

About Scott

Already a fan of science fiction and fantasy, Scott was introduced to the larger world of gaming when he first played Dungeons and Dragons at age 9. In high school he discovered Warhammer 40,000, and eventually found employment with Games Workshop in Canada where he met Bill and began a partnership in creativity. There he combined his interests in games and words by editing promotional materials and creating games for events such as Games Day and the local Conflicts.

After leaving Games Workshop to pursue a higher education, he found himself in teacher training. As part of a project to help young students understand early math skills, he created the Subtract ‘n’ Adder. 

Once he was in the classroom, teaching, he saw the value of making lessons that used a game format to instruct students in the use of new concepts and skills. These games that he threw together for the class, after some redesign and artwork perfected by Bill, became the basis for some of the titles developed by BSGames.