Free stuff!

If you’re a member of BSClub, this is where you get bonus downloadable materials such as rules variants, additional scenarios, and even free games! Just find the game below that you’re interested in, then click on the file you want to download. Make sure you have your password ready (this was sent to you in the newsletter).
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Math Puzzle activities to try at home

Here are a couple of mathematical puzzle activities that you can try at home. The Balance Lock is an introduction to algebra as you balance an equation to open a locked door. Buckets of Fun has you trapped in a room filling with water. You must calculate the volume of the bucket provided to figure out how many times you need to fill it to escape.

Middles – A game that uses a regular deck of cards

If you have at least 3 players, you can try out Middles! It’s a card game in which you win not by having the highest or lowest, but by being in the middle! Download the pdf of the rules, try it out, and let us know what you think!

Mathemagician’s Duel

If you want to play, but are worried about touching the same cards as others during this time of the pandemic, here are our Physical Distancing Rules, which will allow players to play with a complete set each, so they don’t have to share cards.

Apprentice Level Rules for younger people who want to play, but are having trouble with the rules, or maybe you just want to play a quicker version of the game!

History Games

Here’s an assignment I did with my grade 7 history class in which I had them play board games. This is the written assignment that went along with it. We played Age of Empires III, A Few Acres of Snow, and 1754: French Indian War.