Makerfest is a celebration of creative people in or around Mississauga! They will be a bunch of them running tables at Courtneypark Library on Saturday, May 27.

It’s running from 10am-4pm and doesn’t cost anything to get in! There will all sorts of demonstrations of robots and other technology, as well as craftspeople showcasing what they do. We’ll be there as well, playing Mathemagician’s Duel and demoing our next game, Sinoda. You can try the Beat Me At My Own Game Challenge and see if you can defeat Scott  at his own game and earn an exclusive sticker. It’s a sticky badge of honour that few have earned so far…

Join us at 730 Courtneypark Dr. Mississauga, ON on Saturday, may 27th from 10am – 4pm and see some really cool stuff!

More info is here:


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