Here are some questions and clarifications about Mathemagician’s Duel

Do I take 5 of each type of card for my hand during set up?

No. You get 5 cards total, which are drawn from a combination of the red Magical Symbols deck and the blue Magical Energy deck.

Can I play two blue number cards side by side to make a two digit number?

No, you must play a red operator card beside a blue number card so that they always alternate red, blue, red, blue, etc.

Can a spell be cast if the last card in the incanquation is an operator?

Yes. If a player pulls from their incanquation to reach the casting value of their spell, and the last card in their incanquation is an operator, they may still declare that the spell is still cast.

Can I pull cards from my opponent’s incanquation?

No, only your own.

I just realized that I forgot to draw a card at the end of turn. What do I do?

You can draw as many cards as you need to get your hand back to 5 cards as soon as you realize that you don’t have enough. And try to remember, next time.

Take Note: We at BSGames are not monitoring your games, and we do not have a police force to come and tell you that you are playing the game wrong. If you and your opponent wish to modify the rules, that is, add “house” rules, you can. If you agree to allow negative numbers when you play, that’s fine. If you agree that a spell can’t be cast with an operator hanging on the end, that’s cool, too. As long as both players agree to any modifications before the game starts, do what you like!