Say What, Now?

In Say What. Now?, each player rolls dice that dictate which deck of cards they must draw words from. They must use all of them, with the help of suffix and punctuation tokens, to create a sentence or phrase. It doesn’t have to be grammatically correct, though… heck, it doesn’t even have to make sense! The point of the game is for others to make sense of it!
Once everyone has made their phrase, the first player reveals theirs, and each other player must pick a Situation card from their hand that they think will best go with the phrase revealed. They then pass them to the judge who will pick their favourite to be the winner for that hand.
With the dice determining which category of card you draw, the replayability is endless. You’ll never get the same phrase twice!

See below for some examples of phrases created during actual games using our early prototype sets:

Here’s a quick introductory video of how it works, using a prototype.

You want to play it now?

If you have Tabletop Simulator, you can! You can find the prototype version of Say What, Now? here: Tabletop Simulator Workshop

If you are a publisher and are interested in producing Say What, Now?, send us an e-mail at We would be interested in working with you!