Mathemagician’s Duel Level 1: Mage


Math is the language that the universe is written in! Now your mathemagician can take command of the magic of numbers to cast spells to defeat an opposing magician.

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Math is the language that the universe is written in! Now your mathemagician can take command of the magic of numbers to cast spells to defeat an opposing magician. This wizard-dueling game will help practice adding and subtracting skills as well as improving working memory as players put together strings of numerals and operators to get to their spell’s casting value first.

Players will use Magical Energy and Magical Symbols cards to create an “incanquation”.

Their goal is to play cards, one per turn, building their incanquation so that its value matches the casting value of the spell they’ve chosen to cast.

If a player successfully creates an incanquation that equals the spell’s casting value, the spell is cast and their opponent loses the amount of Magical Strength indicated on the spell card. If either player falls below 0 Magical Strength, they are knocked out and the other is victorious!

Once your mathemagician has mastered addition and subtraction, higher levels await! You can augment your magical energies with multiplication, division, and negative numbers, along with new, more powerful, and complex spells in future editions.

Are you a teacher? Read this:

Have students practice their math facts in a way that they enjoy, without flashcards or worksheets. This game will have students repeatedly adding and subtracting while they are having fun, trying to cast spells on each other’s magicians. Use it in a math center, or have it ready for students who finish their work early. This game is recommended for grades 4 – 10, but an easier set of rules for younger students can be downloaded here.

If you are interested in running a Mathemagician’s Duel league or club at your school, contact us for special education pricing and access to our league package.

Are you a parent? Read this:

Does your child like practicing math with flashcards? Of course not; nobody does. With Mathemagician’s Duel, your child can practice the same skills and more, but in a way that is actually fun. While attempting to cast spells at their opponent, your young mathemagician will do repeated arithmetical operations, reinforcing their memorization of basic math facts, as they discover and develop a greater knowledge of mathematical patterns. Importantly, with its magical card game aspect, your child will WANT to participate in this activity.

The initial level consists of addition and subtraction, but keep a eye out for higher level sets which test and practice division, multiplication, and then operations with negative numbers!

Are you a young person? Read this:

Don’t worry about the “math” part; the game is just fun!

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