A Website!

Hello all, and welcome to the BSGames website. Our first bit of news is that we have a website!

The Games page is our home page and lists our games, including those still in development. As of the writing of this news, they are all still in development. When a game makes it to market and is available for purchase, it will move to the top of the page. As we begin working on something new, it will show up under the “In Development” heading, so keep checking to see what’s available, what’s new, and what’s coming up.

The News page will be news about BSGames, such as progress on games, or announcements about events we’re attending or hosting, and things like that.

The Blog page will be about game-related things that interest us, but aren’t specifically about BSGames. We may repost interesting articles or announcements we’ve read elsewhere, or tell you about a fun game we played. We might share our opinions there, or ask for yours about topics in gaming. You can comment there to join in the conversation. Keep in mind, though, that we expect conversation to be respectful.

The Events page has a calendar and will show you the events that we are planning on attending in the upcoming months, plus any other important dates that we think are relevant. If you see an event that looks interesting and want more information, ask us about it!

The About page gives you background information about BSGames, and about Bill and Scott’s incredible journey to get to where we are now. We will also add information about people we have helping us or working with us.

Contact will give you a form to fill in to ask us questions.

You can join BSClub for free by clicking the “Join BSClub” button at the bottom of any page. This will take you to our signup form. Being in the club will get you a monthly e-mail newsletter about what we’ve done each month, plus our plans for the next month, as well as access to the free downloads of rules variants for some of our games, extra scenarios, or even the rules for entirely new games. We’ll be adding more things as we think of more bonuses to give away.

And don’t forget that you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more fun and information about what we’re doing.

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