An Important Statement from BSGames

We spent some time thinking about exactly what we wanted to say, and how we wanted to say it, so we hope it comes across the way we intend it. As a small company we have little to offer but words, support and intentions. We hope in the future, as we grow, so can the ways and degrees by which we can support marginalized communities both in and outside the game industry.

As a tiny company who has only just released its first game, is made up of two white guys, and only has a handful of followers, Bill and I have wondered if our voices make a difference. But if there’s a chance that using our voices, however small, helps other voices to be heard, then we need to speak up. 

   BSGames supports diversity in the game industry and is listening and learning so that we can help create an inclusive space for everyone, especially those who have been marginalized and ignored. Women, POC, and members of the LGBTQ+ community are always welcome at our table. We encourage sharing of their perspectives and experiences in order to inform our practices as a company and personally.     

   And although we have had the privilege of being part of the dominant voice in a society rife with systemic anti-Black racism, we believe that Black lives matter. 

  Because of our social identities as white men, we feel we must take advantage of our privileged positions to help create space for all the oppressed voices and perspectives which have been silenced for far too long. We hope to help dismantle the very system which bestows upon us the power and privilege we have been afforded. We are here to listen and learn.

  As small as our voice in the industry is, the fact is that society gives the voice of white men more weight than that of Black voices, so we must use our voice until this is no longer true.

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