Completed Art, Games at School, Join Us!

Hello everyone!

New Art!

Bill has completed the new design spell cards! The new design is less cluttered, and conveys the information better, we think, because it show what the numbers mean without players having to remember abbreviations. Next will be the update of the rulebook with some of the minor changes we’ve made, plus of course, the new art!

Check out a couple of examples:


Games at School

If you haven’t yet, go have a look at the latest blog to read about how it went when I used board games in history class. In addition to engaging with history, I think I got some kids interested in games the like of which they’d never before played!


Join Us!

After a holiday break with family, we’re heading back out to spend time with our favourite people and share games, stories and experiences with them. That’s you! Come and join us at Dicey Business on Friday, January 25th, after 7pm. We’ll be there pretty late, so if you can’t come right at 7, don’t worry about it. Come later! The games are fun, the people are cool, and the food is good!

Also, I think I’ll be bringing a prototype of a new game I thought up and threw together to see if it works. It’d be great if you’d come try it and give me your opinion!

Later everyone!

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