Events to look for in March and May

Hello BSGamers,

There are a couple of gaming events coming up in Toronto to tell you about!

The first one is Breakout!  Not this one, but a huge convention for board games! There will not only be many games played, but there are panel discussion to participate in, guest speakers from the industry, a play-and-win area (where you can win a copy of the game you are playing) but ProtoTO will have an area for designers to put out their prototypes for others to try and provide feedback! This is where you will likely find us on the Saturday. Breakout runs March 15-17th!

Next is ProtoSpiel North, which is May 25th and 26th. This is specifically for designers to have table space to try out their new and in-progress designs. You don’t have to be a designer to go, though; playtesters are always welcome, and the playtester pass is very inexpensive. If you’ve got a game prototype that needs testing, check this out. If you like playing games and want to provide the valuable and much-appreciated service of testing and providing feedback, you should check it out too!

We hope to see you there!

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