Bill and Scott at Dicey Business

Dicey Business 6905 Millcreek Dr. Unit 4, Mississauga, Ontario

With stores opening again, and so many people fully vaccinated, Bill and Scott will be meeting with a group of artists at Dicey Business on Friday, July 16th! This meeting will be mostly about art and illustration, but we're always willing to play a game and show you what we've been working on! We'll be …

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Elmvale Sci Fi Masquerade

This weekend! We were there 2 years ago, in person and had a great time. Last year was canceled, and this year it is virtual! In case you don't live near Elmvale, you can now experience it from home! Check out who is going to be there: Check out our recap of the Elmvale …

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Bill and Scott at The Guild House

The Guild House 579 St. Clair West, Toronto, Ontario

From noon until whenever, on Friday, Bill and Scott are going to check out and hang out at The Guild House in Toronto. It's a game store, with a great themed play area in it. We're going to hang out an play games all day! We might playtest some of our own prototypes, and we'll …

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Free Comic Book Day at Gotham Central Comics

Gotham Central Comics 1400 Aimco Blvd. #1, Mississauga, Ontario

Scott will be at Gotham Central Comics running demos of Mathemagician's Duel for Free Comic Book Day! The event runs both days of the weekend, so check out Saturday as well, for the charity bbq, the guest artists, raffles, and sales! Scott will only be there on the Sunday, though.   See you there!

Card Games Event in Newmarket

The George Brewhouse and Eatery 236 Main St. S, Newmarket, Ontario

Hobby Knight in Canada, the great little store in Newmarket, is holding a card games event on Sunday, August 29th from 1-4pm. It will be on the spacious patio of the nearby George Brewhouse and Eatery. Come and learn and play some card games! Scott will be there showcasing Mathemagician's Duel!   Hope to see …

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Pop-Up Gen Con

Event Horizon Hobbies 845 King St, Units 7-9, Midland, Ontario

Event Horizon Hobbies is hosting Pop-Up Gen Con in Midland, Ontario, and Scott is going to be there on Saturday, September 18th and 19th! The event runs from Thursday the …

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Mathemagician’s Duel Demo Day at The Hooded Goblin

The Hooded Goblin 30 main St. S, Georgetown, Ontario

On Saturday, October 16th, from 9am - noon, Bill and I will be checking out the game store in Georgetown: The Hooded Goblin. While there, we will be running demos of Mathemagician's Duel. There's also a Farmer's market on down the street apparently, so there's lots  to do! Mostly, we're looking forward to visiting a …

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Protospiel North 2021

Protospiel North is a game design convention in Toronto! If you're a game designer, you can bring your designs to playtest and get feedback and responses! But you don't have to be a designer; they also need playtesters, so even if you don't have a game to work on and showcase, they'd love to see …

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Demo Day at Black Knight Games

Black Knight Games 864 Mohawk Rd E, Hamilton, Ontario

Saturday, November 27th is Demo Day at Black Knight Games! They'll have staff and volunteers with games open at tables for you to try. And we will be there as well with Mathemagician's Duel! Also exciting is that you'll be able to see the result of the renovations and new gaming space! Come visit us, …

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