Everything’s Canceled! How do we play?

These are difficult times, and difficult decisions have been made in order to protect the public. We are disappointed that we will be be missing out on the events that we had planned to attend between March and September. We will miss meeting friends and making new ones, playing games and showing people ours. But, we understand the necessity of these decisions. So what can we do? It turns out, there are still options!

We have been using Tabletop Simulator to make our games available to play! Tabletop Simulator has many games that you can play remotely with friends. It’s not “video game” versions of the game, it does what the name says it does. It simulates the pieces, cards, and boards on a table; you move and manipulate the pieces as you would on an actual table. This allows people to “mod” their own games, which many people have done! So many popular games are available to play there! If you purchase the game through Steam, there are a TON of games available for no additional cost, including Sinoda, and very soon, Say What, Now?! You just have to search them through the Workshop section on Steam.

Sinoda for Tabletop Simulator!

Now you can play the games we’re working on without having to meet us at an event! Although, we hope you’d like to meet us at an event. We miss you.

And speaking of events, there is a large virtual gaming event going on next weekend, May 23-24! Check out the remote gaming event “Con of Champions” being put together by Tabletop.Events!

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