Game Night Meetup

Hello BSGamers!

Bill and I found out, through a gaming and teaching friend, about a Meetup group that gets together for board games! Their monthly meetup is the first Thursday of every month, so last night we went out to meet some people and play games!

Bill brought his big box of games, but we ended up mostly playing the new one we’re working on: Say What, Now? (working title; suggestions welcome). That’s the one where you roll dice to see which cards to draw and then use the words on the cards to make a sentence.

Our hostess, Patricia, was very friendly and welcoming and made us feel comfortable there at Boston Pizza with a bunch of new people, so we got into playing pretty quickly. People were curious to see our new game, so we brought it out and it was a hit with Natalia and Faith. We had some good laughs with our first game, and then after some Liar’s Dice with Jim, Kim, Preeti and Marisa, we started another one at a different table. Michelle and Sandra enjoyed that second game so much that even after our other players Desi and Marisa had left, they asked to play again! There were some great phrases created, such as “Like Cheese, it’s incredibly long”, but I think we agreed that the phrase of the night was “Happy dog balls. They’s lovely!”

If you’re interested in checking out the group and joining us for the next games night, or even one of the other events that Patricia hosts, check out her Meetup Group page. Here’s the page for last night’s event.

We hope to see you, and some of our new friends, at Dicey Business next Wednesday.

See you next Wednesday!

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