Game Store Spotlight: Dragon World

Okay, I know it has been a while. Things have gotten busy for me and Bill, but not necessarily with game-related things. But now, we hope to get back into a groove to provide you with more to read and learn about, starting with a trip to Dragon World!

The sign above Dragon World
A bold sign beckons you! You need to go see what’s inside!

Dragon World is THE place in the Brampton area to go to for gaming and collectible needs. They have a great selection of everything, plus tables set up for you to sit and play. I loved just looking at all the items on the shelves to see what cool thing I would see next!
They have anything you might need for Dungeons and Dragons, a great variety of CCGs, a long shelf of board games, and a veritable wall of Funko Pops! Really, just check these out:

Dragon World Counter and CCGs
That’s a lot of Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon!
Games and Funko Pops! A great variety, wonderfully organized!
The dice and D&D sections of Dragon World
Everything you need for D&D, especially dice. Oh my goodness the dice!

The dice. Many gamers love dice. A lot of game stores stock a variety of dice, because they know gamers can never have enough pretty, sparkly, crystal, brightly-coloured, game-themed dice. But Dragon World? They have dice. This is because they are associated with Little Dragon Corp, who makes dice! And by “associated”, I mean Little Dragon Corp is owned and run by the wife of Dragon World’s owner. They sell dice made by a variety of manufacturers, but Little Dragon Corp is a Canadian dice manufacturer with some beautiful designs.
Check out the Instagram for more pictures of amazing dice!

And speaking of the people… Dragon World is owned and run by fun and friendly people who will help you find what you want and need (and what you need is more dice).

If you are in Brampton, or near Brampton, stop in and have a look at this store, seriously. Dragon World is a nice world to be immersed in.

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