Game Store Spotlight: LVLUP Games

The friendly local games store is a great place to buy new games and accessories, but it also much more than that. It is a place where you can build new friendships and get great advice and ideas that could lead you to your next awesome gaming experience.
Maybe you get your games through Amazon or a big box store like Target or Walmart. This could be because you have a limited budget, or there just isn’t an independent game store near you. I get it. But if you can afford to support a small, independent business, try to find one near you. Especially now, with the pandemic situation, they need your help to survive far more than Jeff Bezos or any of the large corporate stores.
With that in mind, we will be presenting spotlights on some small independent stores that we like! This means that they are all in Ontario, but they do also have online stores and can ship to you!
This series of blogs does not represent a ranked “Top” list, and the stores are presented in no particular order.

LVLUP Jester Logo
LVLUP have several cool variants on their logo. Check out their website and social media to find them!

When I first went into LVLUP last year, it was a pretty new store, and the decorations weren’t all up, but I was still impressed! The space was bright, clean, and friendly, and there were so many games for sale! If you’re in Mississauga, they are pretty conveniently located near Dundas and Wolfedale, in a small plaza with plenty of parking.

Now the library is bigger, they are getting a bigger variety of drinks and baked treats for snacking while you play, and there are swords and great artwork on the walls. Of course, the food section is currently shut down for safety during the COVID situation, but I am looking forward to going back when it is safe again. In the meantime, you can still buy those games you’ve been wanting!

And yes, that is a Space Marine in the background. LVLUP isn’t specifically a hobby shop, but if you need some paint or basics to start or increase your Warhammer 40K army, they can help you.

GW section at LVLUP
This part of the store is slightly blurry. Okay, it was me. I take bad pictures.

And speaking of helping, Maui and Kyle are the nicest, friendliest people! Kyle recommended and then taught my group of friends how to play a giant-sized version of River Dragons, and Maui went out of her way to order a game I wanted for school, on pretty short notice. When they were fully open, they had events all the time, such as gaming meetups and even a miniature painting workshop! Check out the website and Facebook to keep up to date on what’s going on with LVLUP Games.

Me and Mathemagician's Duel at LVLUP
Look what else they’ve got!

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