Games in the Midst of Battle!

Me playing Sinoda against a drummer of the drum corps.

Well, between battles, but that’s less exciting as far as titles go.

Anyway, I spent the past weekend in Penetanguishene at the Grand Tactical, where we fought the Battle of Georgian Bay. Is was quite the 1812 re-enactment! Here’s a short news piece about it: CTV News (I’m briefly in that video!) I’m in the colour party, as part of the Drums Crown Forces.

Next, I guess I’ll be checking other people’s videos of the event on Youtube to see if I can spot myself! I didn’t get many pictures, since it’s hard to use a camera on the battlefield while carrying a flag.

I did, however, get a couple of pictures of the downtime at the encampment, where an abstract strategy game like Sinoda helps pass the time, and doesn’t seem too out-of-period. Well, except for the plastic dice. But if you imagine wooden dice on a wooden board, you could believe it was the type of game they might have played then.

Playing Sinoda
Here I am playing against one of the drummers from the Drum Corps.

This one’s a better angle, because I’m in it:

Me playing Sinoda against a drummer of the drum corps.
Photo credit: Karen Lee

This game is a great way to pass some time, because it’s tactical like chess, but takes a lot less time to play, and the rules are much simpler. Gluing the printed board to a piece of cardboard also stopped it from blowing away with the slightest breeze!

As much fun as the whole weekend at the encampment was, along with the battles down the pathway at Discovery Harbour and on the main street of Penetanguishene, I also took part of the Saturday afternoon to go into Penetanguishene to visit a game store. And I am so glad I did! I had already heard of North of Exile Games, because they are friends of the people at Dowling Woodworking, whom I met at the Elmvale Sci-Fi Festival and mentioned in this blog.

I met the owners, Jason and Janis, who are wonderful, friendly people and looked at their store. They have games for sale, tables to play on, and games for you to play like in a game café. And of course, some cool decorations made by Dowling Woodworking!

Janis and her son set up a game at North of Exile Games.
A cool place to hang out and play!


They weren’t busy that day, since everyone in town was at the big event at Discovery Harbour. But that was okay for me, since I got to sit down and play a game of Mathemagician’s Duel with Janis, followed by a game of Sinoda.

Janis smiles behind a table with Mathemagician's Duel and Sinoda in front of her.
Both the games of Mathemagician’s Duel and Sinoda had close outcomes!


Janis learned the intricacies of both games very quickly and was quick put in some tricky moves against me. She said that she very much enjoyed them both, so hopefully we’ll see these games stocked in their store soon! Currently, I’m told, in addition to all of the other games in their collection, they are quite the hub for Magic: The Gathering.

This region doesn’t have a lot of large cities, so I presume there aren’t a lot of game stores. Everyone in the Midland/Penetanguishene area can now be grateful that North of Exile Games is open.

Next weekend, we’re heading to the North American Youth Chess Championships in Kingston, so watch the socials then for Instagram and Facebook posts while we’re there, and then the recap blog afterwards!

As always, keeping on playing and having fun!

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