Gameschoolers Enjoy Mathemagician’s Duel!

Gameschoolers ? What are those? Well, these are families that homeschool, but do much of their teaching through games. Some games have learning and education in mind when they are designed, but it’s also possible to build lessons and learning around games just based on their themes. Many games are historical, and lend themselves to study of that time period, and even now, there are fun games available based on scientific principles. And just about any game can be used for practicing math skills (as you add up points or calculate probability)!

Well, you know we have a game that uses math skills (Mathemagician’s Duel), which is perfect for this interactive style of education. Adam and Michelle at teach with games, and recently gave Mathemagician’s Duel a try as part of their quarantine two-player game tournament! You can see their Game Spotlight on out game here: and watch them playing Mathemagician’s Duel on YouTube here:

The video seems to start in the middle, but that’s because they had a technical issue, but they start over from the beginning so you can see a whole game played.

If you want to get in on the fun learning, you can get a copy of Mathemagician’s Duel. But don’t get it from us! We would rather, if you could, order it from one of the small business retail locations that carry it. Times are tough for game retailers right now, so they could use you help.
A list of the stores that carry Mathemagician’s Duel is at the bottom of the page here.

Stay safe everyone!

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