Mathemagician’s Duel is Getting Closer!

Big News!

We have sent our reworked designs (new artwork, revamped rulebook) to have a new prototype printed, and this looks like it will be the final version!


While we are waiting for it to arrive, we are gathering quotes from large-scale printing companies to produce Mathemagician’s Duel. We are looking to pin down details on costs and shipping times in the very near future. Hopefully this means that as soon as the final prototype copy arrives, we’ll be showing it around and asking for pre-orders!

Going with pre-orders from those of you who are excited to see this in production and have it in your homes, classrooms, or tutoring facilities will help us get the initial startup funds to go forward with ordering a print run as soon as we can.

By the time we announce the date that pre-orders will start, we should also have as close to an actual release date as we can get. For those of you who want to continue supporting us by placing a pre-order to get your Mathemagician’s Duel as early as possible, we’ll be throwing in a bonus exclusive to those who place their order before a specific date.

I know the information feels a bit vague, with no mention of costs or actual dates, but those are the details that we’ll announce when we’ve finished choosing a printer and have gotten all the details from them.

Now share, friends! Gather all those who you know would be interested in owning a copy of Mathemagician’s Duel so that they also can assist their friends, students, children (and themselves) on a lifelong journey of enjoying the practical application of mathematics!

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