Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!

We here at BSGames wish you all the best for the holiday season! We hope there is fun and there are games and friends and family.
Here’s what’s new with us!

BSGames is on YouTube!

That’s right, we’ve started a YouTube channel that we’re going to use to show you how to play our games and give you previews of the ones we’re working on. We also hope to do videos from events we’re attending, as well as talking to other game designer and playing other games.
There’s only a couple of videos there now, but we’re planning to add more in the new year. We are looking forward to making videos and practicing our video skills to make them better as we go!
Check out the channel here: BSGames And like they say on all of those other channels, don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Mathemagician’s Duel is nearly here!

There has been some delay with shipping, so Mathemagician’s Duel hasn’t arrived as soon as we had hoped, based on the information we had. We will be looking at having multiple launch parties within the first couple weeks of the new year so that you can pick up your copy if you’ve preordered one, or even buy one if you haven’t! We’re planning balloons and cake to make it an actual party. Details will be announced as soon as we have them, so you can plan to join us at one or both of our game launch celebrations! Come play games with us!
Of course, if you can’ make it, we will be delivering your preordered copy of Mathemagician’s Duel to you.

So there you have the last post of 2019! With Mathemagician’s Duel arriving, and Say What, Now? and Sinoda getting good reviews from playtesters, we’re looking forward to 2020!

Keep playing, learning, and having fun!

Bill and Scott

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