New Artwork!

Bill has been working at upgrading the artwork on the spell cards for Mathemagician’s Duel! We made a minor rules change after our first prototype went to print, and decided that the spell cards could be better laid out, so here’s the new design!

A-Burning Sparks LM@2xA-Electric Charge DF@2x

We now have 4 different characters, and each one will be casting a spell and being the recipient of the effect of a spell, so you’ll see each one twice.

Instead of the abbreviation “CV” for “Casting Value”, we used an equals sign to show what the value of your incanquation must be equal to in order for the spell to be cast, and replaced the abbreviation “MN” for “Minimum Number”, with a picture of the minimum number of blue cards you need in your incanquation.

Here are the other two characters casting spells:

A-Summon Bees LF@2x A-Freezing Wind DM@2x

We’re still getting good feedback from teachers, students, and others that we’ve had play the game, so we’re getting excited about being close to having this game complete and ready to produce.

You don’t have to summon bees to spread the buzz!  Share with your friends so that they’re keeping up to date with our progress, and will be ready when Mathemagician’s Duel is ready for the public to buy!


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