Presenting at the 2021 Games-based learning Virtual Conference!

I’ll be presenting at the 2021 Games-based learning Virtual Conference! Check out the link to see the schedule and other guests.

This conference, being hosted by University XP is bringing together game designers, educators, and people who are both to talk about using games for learning and education. I will be talking about the decisions we made while creating and developing Mathemagician’s Duel to make sure it was a fun game with embedded math skill practicing potential, rather than just an exercise in math.
There will be a range of topics spoken on about game design and use for education and learning.

The conference is the weekend of Friday, April 16 – 18, and you can use the code BSGAMES to get $20 off registration! (As a presenter, I’m allowed to offer a discount code!)

In addition to pre-recorded educational sessions and live speakers, there will be networking times for conference-goers to meet each other, chat, and exchange ideas.

I hope to see you there!

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