Sinoda News!

  We got a few more of our standard Sinoda boards, so we’ll be ready to play some games when we can safely meet up with people again, but Bill has also had a couple of variant boards made. We are constantly thinking about the best presentation for Sinoda, and have considered wooden boards, glass boards, and crystal dice.

Sinoda board, 2 player
Here is our standard printed 2-player prototype board

  But then Bill also designed and had made some clear acrylic boards! This one has black lines to indicate the boundaries of the smaller 2-player board. When playing with more than 2 players, you just ignore the black lines. Currently, the card board is double sided, with the larger board printed on the other side.

2-player acrylic board

The clear board set up for 2 players.
A 3-player game of Sinoda set up on the clear board.

A 3-player game of Sinoda set up on the clear board.
A 4-player game set up on the clear board.

A 4-player game set up on the clear board.

  This would probably also look cool with a coloured LED attached to the side, shining light through it!

  Another idea that we had was to put the dice in the board upside down, so that rather than reading the number at the point of the 4-sided dice we use as pieces, the value could be printed on the flat side. To do this, we would need a raised board with holes in it for the dice to sit in, point down. Well, Bill designed one of those, too! And rather than use the numbers, he’s experimenting with custom dice that use a number of symbols to indicate the value of that side of the die. Also, the symbols vary by player, so the pieces don’t rely on colour to determine which belong to whom. Check out a picture:

Inverted Sinoda!

  We recently were at an online game convention, Meep Up! Con, run by Meeps and Peeps. We met a few people there who enjoyed Sinoda, and gave us the idea that we should have somewhere for people to play. Since we are spending more time meeting people online these days, rather than at game cafés and in person, we thought this was a good idea. Sinoda is already available on TableTop Simulator, so you don’t need to find us to play (here’s the link: Sinoda ), but if you also need to find someone to play against, we’ve set up a Discord server for this purpose! Meet other people, leave messages for them, and set up times to play all of our games that are on TTS!

The Discord invite link is here (it’ll work for 7 days; after that just search Discord for BSGames):

  If we get any other Sinoda-related news, we’ll be sure to post it here. In the meantime, we look forward to meeting up with you for a game in person at some our favourite game cafés!

  If you have any feedback on the different boards, like which is your favourite, or if you have an idea for a different design, let us know!

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