Skycon Weekend!

Hello everyone!

Bill and I spent another weekend on a gaming adventure, this time at Skycon in Kitchener! I picked Bill up at 8am, and off we went! Skycon actually starts at 8am, but we’re about an hour away and didn’t want to get up that early. It was still kind of early, though.

It wasn’t too busy once we arrived, and most of the gaming started a little bit later. That’s good I suppose, because we spent our first hour at the first two booths we encountered!

The first was Fate of the Norns. (Their website is still under construction, so there isn’t a lot of content yet, but just look at what is there.) This table layout looked amazing. The two kilted viking-looking dudes behind it were friendly and eager to show us what they had, and they had a lot! On the table. That statement in no way is meant to reference their kilts.

Fate of the Norns compressed

We were immediately drawn to the fantastic artwork on the books. One of the games was a co-operative storytelling game called Vanagard set in the time when Yggdrasil was still young and there was not yet any conflict with the giants. Players are anthropomorphic animals sent out to do conquer challenges, and their abilities are based what sort of animal they are.

Fate of the Norns Vanagard compressed

Another game was Ragnarok, the latest edition/episode of an RPG which takes place at the end of times. The game has been around for quite some time through several editions, but this one looks awesome. Instead of dice, the system uses flat metal pieces inscribed with runes of the elder futhark!

Fate of the Norns Ragnarok compressed

There were books there as well, including novels written by a Canadian author set in the time periods of the games, and the beautifully illustrated Illuminated Edda. This is a retelling of the collection of medieval Icelandic stories known as the Edda, from which most skaldic tradition and Norse mythology is now known.

Fate of the Norns books compressed


If you want to see more,Fate of the Norns cards compressed check them out on Facebook, and Twitter. If you want to know more about the words that I used in the paragraphs that you don’t know, well… you’re on the internet; use it.






So much to say, and this was the first booth we stopped at! I guess this tale will be a multi-parter as well. Come back soon to find out who was at the second booth we stopped at!

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