Upcoming Gaming Events!

Check out these events coming up this year:

Here’s where we’re planning to be between now and September. Come and join us!

March 20-22: Breakout Con – Toronto’s biggest gaming event! Click here to read about our experience at last year’s event.

April 3-5: Gryphcon – University of Guelph’s gaming club have been running this for 25 years, and it keeps getting bigger! This is our first time attending this one, so come and experience it with us!

May 29-31: Protospiel North – A prototyping convention for designers to try out their games in progress and get playtesting and feedback. But you don’t need to be a designer to go; we’d love for gamers to attend to try the games and give their opinions to guide the games to completion and be the best that they can be! Click here to read about our experience last year.

September 25-27: ProtoTO – The biggest prototyping convention of the year, this is where designers, publishers, and gamers gather to try out new games and playtest all weekend long! We’ve have been several years now… click here to read about last year’s!

So keep checking back here for updates, in case any other events get added! There might be demo days for Mathemagician’s Duel at some of the 16 stores that now carry it, or another gaming event that we don’t know about yet!
Do you know one that we should attend? Let us know!

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