We’re on a Podcast!

Mike Bonet asks us about Mathemagician's Duel and educational games We talked to Mike Bonet of The Who, What, Why? Game Design Podcast and he asked us about making Mathemagician's Duel and the nature of educational games. You can listen to the interview here: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/michael-bonet/who-what-why-a-game-design-podcast/e/71093671 This is a podcast that Bill has been listening to … Continue reading We’re on a Podcast!

ProtoSpiel North – Game design convention

Want to get your game playtested and get some feedback? Not a designer, but want to offer your advice to help designers test their games and ideas? Come out to ProtoSpiel North and spend a weekend gaming and trying out unpublished games! Join in the fun May 29-31 in Toronto!

ProtoTO 2019

It's time for another awesome game designers' convention! ProtoTO! We had a great time last year, so we're going again this year. It's September 27-29th, and you don't need to be a designer to attend. Anyone who likes games will enjoy this event. You can sign up as a designer and spend the weekend playing … Continue reading ProtoTO 2019